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                   papatom blues jam 1995
Blues Jam and Baby Blues were actually recorded the same day in 1995 using a Panasonic VCR Camcorder,  a Mackie mixer and a Tascam DA- 88 digital/analog porta studio, state of the art in 1995.   Blues Jam was born one boring day while I was an apartment superintendant and had some time off to jam and make this video for my son Jonathan,  who at the time was 11 years old.  I am in my  basement appartment with the studio behind me, (Blues Jam) and just laid down some rythem tracks for the song or piece.    The lead guitar riffs are recorded live over the pre-recorded rythem tracks.  I'm using an Alesis R16 Drum Machine and Fender Jazz Bass, I forget the year of that particular Bass now.  But after laying down the rythem tracks, just as you would do in any Studio session when creating a song or piece.  And then overlaying the melodey, in the case of Bluses Jam, the melodey is created by my Fender 1986 MIJ Contemporary Strat Plus which had one Humbucker and two single coil pups,  but were change to DiMarzio, one double Humbucker, and two single Humbuckers.  I used the same tracks on Baby Blues, just laying down a differant lead on my 86er, and making up lyrics.  I am actually singing and making up the lyrics as I was video taping the DA-88 recorder. You don't see me, but I'm standing along side of it with microphone in hand, singing "Baby Blues". I also just made up the title for the song when I uploaded onto You Tube, recently.   I never thought then the song would be on a You Tube now, I didn't even have a computer then,  did you?
    Song writing can be learned two ways.  If you have parents that give you music instument lessons and you accomplish yourself to learn the art of song writing and do so, I would call that a mechanical way of learning.  The other is if your poor and you can't even afford a cheap accoustic guitar and you just bang on it day and night and drive your parents crazy, or not.  Eventually over the years you will develope the same desired accomplishment as the first person in this illustration, except with out the math.  You still have Rythym, sometimes more then the mechanical artist, you still count and over the years, you will still learn as much about music theory as the mechanic, but without allot of the, what I say, not necessary stuff.  Unless you plan on playing in the PhilHarmonic Orchestra or any type band that solely reads music to perform, arrange, or write music  then the first way is the way to go.  If you never could afford the luxary like me, then plan B is the only way.  But whether Plan A or B the most important thing is that it is FUN!  Music was created to be fun.  And it doesn't matter how good or bad you think you sound, as long as you have Fun, that's the only thing that counts.  Unless of course you used your career as a performing artist to earn wages, that can be a drag.  Unless you become a Rock Star, well that can be almost fatal if you get mixed up with anything more then the music. 
      So my sonaphosis, is, plug in your axe, and jam away, whether you like playing Blues licks or just plain Pop, Jazz, Country, Soul, (now I'm showing my age) or just a joyful noise, eventually you will become perfect by perserveriance, and love for your music.  Music is a wonderful thing, don't ever let it become a burden.  Don't make it be a competition, and never let any one put you down for how you express yourself with your music, that's the most wonderful God given right given to man kind.  So Rock on, Roll off,  and turn on your Axe!  Papatom.....


                                         baby blues

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