the content of this video is very disturbing as truthful as it may be.  the intentions of writing the song was to make people in america aware of the devastating legalized murder of helpless babies in their mothers womb.  if you are pregnant, planning to be pregnant or squeamish, please click my gal betty to go else where.  this video is not for you.  if you are contemplating abortion, please watch and pray about the terrible sin that will ruin your life.  tom pope


I was doing a lot of looking and reading around your site and I have to thank you for your clear love of children. A child is more than a blessing. Cry for the children is a fantastic song and I have sent the link to several friends.

Thank you for your time,
                                  PAPATOM'S EMAIL RESPONSE
first I want to thank you for your love of God's creation. Can you imagine if your mom decided she couldn't raise you and let someone stick a vacuum cleaner hose and suck you out, ALIVE! And then they had to count all the body parts like putting a puzzle back together to make sure they got you all out so mom didn't get an infection and die herself. Or they stuck a long needle into you fulled with high consentration of salt and burnt you alive in the womb until your moms body ejected the dead fetus in the toilet. Or like the movie I saw called "The Silent Scream" where modern technology allows doctors to use an Ultra sound so they can pull you out head first decapitating you tearing your head off because that's the biggest hardest part of a fetus body to get through the canal, and most times they have to crunch it like a coconut to get it out. The next time you see your mom give her a big hug and a thank you for not being that kind of women. Then get on your knees and pray for the those who were conned into it saying oh it's only tissue, and then those woman are mentally effected for the rest of their lives. I've talked to many.  Women who regretted ever having an abortion and suffered for it mentally and physically from their teenage years to their old age.  They lived a live of torment and regret and the fear of someday facing God as they realize older, what they have done.  But there is good news, Jesus Christ died for sinners.  He was crucified and His blood washes away every sin.  Whether it's murder or a simple white lie, the blood of Jesus is still powerful enough to cleanse the vilest of sinners.  If you are reading this in tears, take a moment right now and Ask God our Father to forgive us through the blood of His Son Jesus.  And ask Him to come into your heart and live.  Ask Him to give you the Holy Spirit to help you through your new Christian life.  Then find a good bible believeing Church and share your decision to follow Jesus, every day.  May our Lord and Savior Jesus reveal Himself to you and show you your sin is forgiven, then live for Him.  He will guide you, He will never leave you or ever forsake you.  I received Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit when I was 19 years old, on March 21, 1971.  And my life has been all the better for giving God my live through His Son Jesus.  Trusting that the power of His sacrificial blood has cleanse me, I will see my loved ones's again when someday soon, I will meet them together in the air or He will take me home.  papatom