Did you ever wonder what was going on inside your guitar.  What it is that's causing all these tonal effects when you strum the strings?  Look at picture no. 1.  you see wires and more wires and some of the back sides of the out sides of the Pickups.  Now I know that all of you are not so electronically inclined and some of you are saying, really duh! no kidding.  Well for the sake of those not in the know.  The back of your pickups, are the same as the front.  Just not made to look as pretty.  A pickup is a magnet.  An electric magnet.  The same kind you used on your Erector set when you were a young in.  It is a plastic spool of wire wrapped according to the kind of magnetic pull you wanted.  If you wanted allot of magic you wrapped more wire.  Makes sense don't it.  And then you put metal poles in the center of the wrapped wire going through the spool.  Now the big pickup by the bridge is called a Humbucker.  And the reason for it's name is because it does just that.  It bucks the hum that single coil magnetic pickups like the ones we were just talking about make as the electric current goes through it.  We found over the years of experiment that if we face one magnet north and the other south, it cancels the hum.  So putting two magnets close together like that of the big double coil Humbucker pickup will not only give us twice the magnetic pull for twice the sound, but cancel the Hum noise as well.  Cool huh.  So why do you pay so much for a pickup.  Well that's because of the manufacturing cost and the design of some of the pickups.  Basically knowing how many times to wrap the wire around the spool could be a difficult task.  You can make  too strong of a pull and that may cause distortion.  Now some musicians like distortion and what a little, not allot.  Some like their pickup clean and use other electronic gadgets to distort it themselves.  Then there is that big wide thing full of wires we call a five way switch  This devise causes the current coming from the outside  coming in to those round looking things that have knobs on the other side to distribute current easy.  Now we haven't talked about the kind of current and that's another subject under amplifiers.  You only need to know for this article that it is DC current or Direct Current. When the DC or Direct Current made by the amplifier comes in from your guitar jack to the pot or potentiometer (this devise distributes amount of DC current by turning the knob) it goest to the that big 5 way switch which disturbs the current to the prospective pickups.  sometimes one, sometimes two at once.  All according to where you put your switch position.  So briefly so you can get an idea to todays outside looking in, we learned some what of how our guitar makes all them sounds.  But that's just scratching the surface.  Well talk again about this subject soon.  in the mean time.  Rock on.  papatom


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