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MEET PAPATOM                                              
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I  am  a  self  taught  musician  who  started  playing  a
1962  Fender  P Bass  at  the  age  of  11  in  1963  and  started my  first  band.  We  called ourselves  the  Emanons,  that's  No  Name  spelt  backwards.  By  age sixteen  the  hippie movement  was  in  full  bloom  and  we  changed  our name  to The  Brotherhood.  I  started  picking  up the 6  string  guitar  at that  time,  of  course  being  poor,  my  neighbor  friend  gave  me  his  Dan  Electro  electric  guitar.  I  could  only  play  half  chords,  but determination  and  perserveriance  and  a  real  love  and  desire  to  play the  guitar  bloomed  me  into  writing  my  own  songs.  But  by  the  time  I  was  18,  drugs and  girls  flooded  my spectrum  of  life  as  I  knew  it. And  my  music  took  a  back  seat  under  addiction  and  insanity.  Until a  little  old  woman  told  me  about  Jesus  Christ  and  how  He  died  for me.  I  recieved  Jesus  and  my  life  turned  around.  Within  the  next  two  years  I  have  had  more  sorrow  and  tribulation  then  I  ever  could dream  of.  But  I  found  myself drug  free  and  writing  songs  for  my Lord. In  1976  I  began  singing  songs  for  the  Lord  in  every  place from  tent  revivals, churches,  coffee  houses,   and  then  started  off  big  name  artist like  Terry  Talbot and  Larry  Norman.  Who  with  a  band  my  brother  started  made an  album  for and  was  pressed at Capital  records,  right  next  to  Kenny  Rodgers,  "The Gambler"  The Album we did was called "I Remember" and our group was The Crosstones,  (changed   by   Larry   Norman  as   our   producer)   from  The  Last  Generation.  From  there  I wrote  an  anti  abortion  song entitled  "Cry  for  the  Children"  and  Dion  Di  Mucci,  that's  right  the Dion,  Run  around  Sue  Dion,  Sandy,  etc.  heard  the  song  and  offered to  publish  it.  Dion  became  a  Christian  then  from  there  I  did  a  CD produced  by  David  Romano  called  "Homeless",  and then  a  self produced  CD  called  "Love  from  Above".  Now  I  enjoy  playing for  my Lord. My  children  are  old,  I  am  old,  but  singing  and  playing  my guitar  for  Jesus  makes  me  feel  like  I  am  16  again,  and  I'm  going  to  play this  here  guitar  for  Jesus  till  the  day  He  call's  me  home.... AMEN!  papatom. 
Picture of papatom (tom pope) 1980 leading worship and praise at a good old fashion tent revival in bricktown, nj.

ALL SONGS ON THIS SITE WRITTEN COMPOSED AND RECORDED BY TOM POPE, CP 1977-2005, BMI   (except "my small circle of friends page")