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 I want to give you an idea of what to expect as my website progresses.........

1. A place for musicians and music fans alike to hang out and find out the latest in guitar, studio, and amplifier state of the art, fan fare.
2. Live interviews with some of my favorite artists and old ones as well as I toured and played with such great names in the Christian Contemporary field of the early 70's and 80's. 
3. Learn the easiest methods of playing the blues with my 2 and 3 step method for Clapton, BB King, and Jeff Beck type blues leads.
4. Learn how to become a Luther and build your own Stratocaster or affordable Starcaster with a forum and blog to join in the discussions of in's and out's of Fender Strat making.
5. Visit other countries and see concerts there and learn the needs and feel the trials of other people who need Christ.
6. Write me and ask papatom  any questions concerning my music, my faith, my friends, and become a real friend in times when we all could use one.
7. Rock on with your bad self and join in the you tubes on papatoms site and have a free posting and link, find out free how to be a rock and roll addict.
8. Find important links to sellers whom I have dealt with and are reliable sources to buy from for all your music gear.
9.  Let's talk and trade or buy vintage guitars, and stuff, hey not only strats, I'd bet you'd love to see my Gibson T120.
10.  Join in and have a blast in your free time with the one thing no one can take away, your faith, your music, and you.         
Please email me, I am always open for suggestions, papatom . . . . .
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